Monday, 5 February 2018

Seminar on Vermicomposting Technique at Dept. of Post Graduate Studies in Chemistry

A UGC Sponsored Seminar on  Vermicomposting and Organic Manuring was held under the auspicious of Department of Post Graduate Studies in Chemistry on 05.02.2018 in the Audio Visual Hall of Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal. Dr. Harish Joshi, Rtd. Professor and HOD of Zoology was the chief resource person. With many real-life examples and cases, he dwelt in detail the history of vermicomposting, how we can preserve mother earth, the raising, and production of earthworms and harvesting worm castings, using worms to decompose organic food waste, turning the waste into a nutrient-rich material capable of supplying necessary nutrients to help sustain plant growth. He amused the students with is a beautiful poem on earthworms and enlightened about different vermicomposting techniques and organic manuring. He explained in detail how vermicompost or worm fertilizer is strictly organic, how it enriches the soil, creates an ecologically safe system of food production and raises land productivity.  He impressed the participants how we can reduce the harmful effects of chemicals and pesticides. He reiterated that Cleopatra who renamed the worm as a sacred creature, whose removal from Egypt was punishable by death. Nile Valley is said to be the most fertile tract of land on earth and it is literally one vast bed of earthworm soil.
He suggested that we can feed our worms almost anything, but advised to avoid anything acidic, oranges. Th programme was presided by the Principal of Govinda Dasa College, Dr. B. Muralidhar Rao, Guest of Honour Dr. Sureshramana Mayya, Director, PG Studies who said that by inputting waste,  we can get black gold as an output, he suggested to save money by letting worms make compost for us free and fast.   Prof. Krishnamurthi, Vice Principal of the College and Prof Neelappa, Dean of the Science were also present on this occasion.  Miss. Rashmi Kumari rendered invocation and Mis. Namratha Bhandari compered the programme. Mr. Sharath Kumar introduced the resource person and Mr Karthik GS welcomed the participants and guests. The programme was followed by "Swacha GDC", cleaning of campus.

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