Thursday, 29 March 2018

GDC: Latest Placement of our students

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It is a matter of gratitude that 10 students of our Department of Post Graduate Centre and Research in Commerce were selected as Skill Development Faculty in Goan Institute International Consociation of Education with good salary package.
The Dept congratulates the selected students for their good performance in the selection interview. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

What next after B.Com? Sajan at MGM

Mr. Sajan, faculty at the Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Commerce, Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal took a session to the MGM College students of Final B.Com on 28 March 2018. Ms. Mallika, Ms. Raksha and Ms. Pratheeksha coordinated the programme.

Friday, 23 March 2018

GDC: A Programme to Distribute Various Scholarships to Students

A programme was held at the Audio Visual Hall of the Govinda Dasa College on 23 March 2018 to distribute various scholarships to the meritorious and need based students. The parents of the students also took part in that programme. The Principal of the College, Dr. B. Muralidhar Rao presided over the function. Dr. Sureshramana Mayya, the Director of the Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research of the College was the Chief Guest and distributed the scholarships. He appreciated the students for their exemplary merits to get assistance from the College. He also appealed the students who got scholarships to continue their studies in the Post Graduate Department of the College. Prof. P. Krishnamurthi, Vice Principal of the College welcomed the guests and introduced the Chief Guest. Prof. Mulalidhar Rao, Principal of the College complimented the students for their golden behaviour during the ensuing year and appealed them to contribute their best to the society. Dr. K. Shivashankar Bhat, the Head of the Department of the Economics and Coordinator of IQAC thanked the orgnainisors, parents and students for their whole-hearted support. 
Prof. Violet Miranda, Associate Professor, Dean, Faculty of Arts, H.O.D.,SWO of the College coordinated the programme and read out the list of scholarship holders. LCdr Sudha U, Head, Department of Political Science compered the programme. Ms. Ashalatha and many other faculty members attended the programme. Dhanya H Rao, Shubha Prabhu, Rao Jushatha Anand, Ashmitha Sharma and Prathiksha Shenoy rendered prayer at the begining of the programme. Mr. Shailraj PG Centre Office and Mr. Shodhan of GDC Office, provided logistic support to the programme.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

GDC PG Centre, Surathkal: A Programme on Role of Youth in Water Conservation

A talk on Programme on Role of Youth in Water Conservation was conducted by Department of Post Graduate Department of Govinda Dasa College. All the students of Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Commerce and Post Graduate students of Chemistry participated in the programme.  Prof. Jagadish Bala, Associate Professor of Government First Grade College, Balmata, was the resource person. He said that it is an essential resource for life and environment. The available water resources under tremendous pressure due to the increased demands and time is not far when water, which we have always thought to be available in abundance and free gift of nature, will become a scarce commodity, Conservation and preservation of water resources are urgently required to be done. Water management has always been practiced in our communities since ancient times, but today this has been done on priority basis. The ministry of water resources in India is endeavoring to make ’Rain water harvesting’ a part of everyday life in our villages and cities as a people’s movement and this will go a long way in the management of ground water as a sustainable resource. He also added that the process of ‘Rain water harvesting’ is environmental friendly, helps improve ground water quality, helps meeting increase demand of water, particularly in urban areas and prevent flooding of roads. He also explained the process of ‘rain water harvesting’ with different steps and methods involved in collecting and saving the rain water through his power point presentations and practical demonstrations. He also said that today’s young generation has to save rain water which is a natural resource for future generation. Totally the workshop was very successful in conveying the detailed information in a short time to student turn, students took oath and also promised to save rain water put their effort in implementing the ‘Rain water harvesting’ method as far as possible in every house in the society.
Principal of the College, Dr. Muralidhar Rao, Vice Principal Prof. Krishnamurthi and Director of the Post Graduate Centre Dr. Sureshramana Mayya were present on the stage during the programme. Ms. Rashmi of M.Com Final Year compered the programme and welcomed the guests and participants to the programme. Ms. Akshatha of M.Com Final Year proposed a vote of thanks. Faculty members - Mr. Sajan, Ms. Ashwitha and Prof. Ramesh Kulai, Mr. Sharath, Mr. Karthik and Prof. Neelappa V were also present on the programme. Mr. Shairaj and Mr. Shodhan facilitated the programme. 

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

GDC M. Com students won Overall Championship at State Level Commerce and Management Fest

The students of Department of Post Graduate Students and Research in Commerce have won the Overall Championship, in the State Level  CommerceCo2K18 held on 19th March,.anagment Fest, PLAY STROKE. The team consisted Mr. Ashok Rayan Crasta and Ms. Rashmi of II M.Com and Ms. Kavya and Ms. Shravya of I M.Com. The College and the Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Commerce congratulates the winners.

Friday, 16 March 2018

A workshop on "Authentic Attitude & Actions for Admirable Achievement" at PG Department of GDC, Surathkal

Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Commerce conducted a workshop for the First Year and Final Year Students of M. Com, titled, Authentic Attitude & Actions for Admirable Achievement. Prof. (Major) Radhakrishna M, Master Facilitator of TQM and HRD conducted the programme on 16th March 2018. Ms. Pallaivi M, Faculty, Department of Commerce, Poornaprajna College, Udupi also facilitated the programme, which was anchored by Major Radhakrishna.
Prof. Krishnamurthi, Vice Principal of the College presided over the function at the inaugural function. Dr. Sureshramana Mayya, Director of the Post Graduate Centre welcomed Prof. Radhakrishna and Prof Krishnamurthi to the participants. Prof. Ramesh Kulai, Coordinator of the M.Com Course presented a bouquet to the guests. Faculty from the Departments – Mr. Sajan, Ms. Ashwitha and Ms. Harsharanai were also present for the programme.
Ms.Shravya compred the programme and Ms. Prathana proposed a vote of thanks. Mr. Shailraj, Office Manager made all the logistic arrangements.

Our tradition is to make the contributions of resource persons indelible in their memory with this personalized memento.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Introductory Lecture on CAD at PG Centre

Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Commerce conducted a Programme on SAP Programme on 15-03-2016. Mr. Rojer Mathew, Managing Head,  SAP Programmes and Mr. Rudresh of  Centre for Advanced Software Training, An ISO Certified Company, Mangalore conducted the programme. All the students of the centre participated in the programme. Mr. Sajan, Senior Faculty of the Department coordinated the programme. All the faculty of the department present for the programme. Dr. Sureshramana Mayya, Director of the Centre and Prof Ramesh Kulai of the Department were also present for the programme.

Strategic Planning Workshop at Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal

On 19 th May 2018, the   Hindu Vidyadayinne  Sangha Surathkal , which manages host of institutions like Vidyadayanee Primary School, Ven...